About us



 Daily, Nigerians conduct business transactions that should be rooted in legal processes and backed by legal agreements which will dictate the rights and obligations of each party. The sad reality is that this is not usually the case. We casually contract without spelling out the duties of each party, without specifying timelines and other important factors that may ensure that both parties emerge on the other side of the transaction, victors.

In comes My Personal Lawyer...
Our aim is to make legal agreements and intervention easily available and affordable to all Nigerians. We focus largely on transactions between individuals, small and medium enterprises, corporate establishments, sole proprietorship etc  


What We Do

Our web based products enable us to offer bespoke legal services to people from all walks of life, by providing easy access to simplified legal documentation and information in a harsh business clime.
The benefits of this are far reaching and it enables our clients to focus on important areas of their businesses and personal affairs, seeing as their legal interests have been secured by their personal lawyer.



How It Works

We provide you with the easiest way to meet your legal needs, you will be expected to answer a few questions and generate a customized legal document fitted to your specific requests. You will also have a specific period of time within which amendments can be made to the documents. Your satisfaction and protection is our priority.