Contracts / Agreements

Do you plan to collaborate with a friend in a legal business deal as individuals, or your company wishes to leverage by way of partnering with another company or establishment?

Personal lawyer specializes in drafting legal documents and templates that will detail parties rights, duties and obligations as well as benefits in the immediate and the long term.

 Different types of contracts require different specifications to meet the peculiar needs of parties involved while at the same time complying with the requirements of law.

 Business Incorporation

Answer a few questions and we will be able to advise you on the type of incorporation your business will benefit from.

 The different types of incorporation existing in Nigeria via Corporate Affairs Commission are:
  • Registration of Companies (private limited company, public limited company, company limited by guarantee, unlimited company)
  • Registration of Business Name
  • Registration of Incorporated Trustees

Company Secretarial

We act as official company secretary. Functions include ensuring a company conforms with the applicable laws, regulations, statutes and corporate governance best practices and any other statutory functions required by law.

Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

Manage your risks, take proactive measures and avoid paying preventable penalties and fines that may  tarnish the image of your company today. Get a full listing of regulatory fillings required of your company and the applicable deadlines, keeping in mind the constantly evolving nature of our rules and regulations.

Obtain from Personal lawyer, upon subscription, a yearly regulatory calendar showing all filings, receive email reminders and alerts before deadlines arrive and remain on the good side of the Law while reducing the organizations exposure to reputation risk.

Wills / Estate Plannings

Yes, we know you don’t plan on dying anytime soon. Take a few minutes to give us necessary information and you can have your will in little or no time at all.

A will is the legal document by which you express your wishes as to how your property is to be distributed at death.

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